PURSUE2019 Breakout Sessions

  1. How to Defend Your Faith—Apologetics 101
  2. Evangelism for Introverts
  3. Building Relationships to Share Christ—Evangelism for the Long Haul
  4. An Overview of Scripture—Understanding how Evangelism fits into the Big Picture
  5. Dealing with Challenges to Your Faith from those in Authority
  6. Some Practical Ways to Connect and Minister to International Students
  7. A 30,000-foot view of World Religions—Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism—Practical Helps to Connect
  8. The 8 Chair Challenge—Sharing Christ with those Right Around You
  9. How do I Share with those Who Know Me Best?
  10. The Jesus Model—Using Your Story to Connect and Share
  11. Engaging the Least Engaged—Connecting with Unreached Campus Groups
  12. How to Use Gospel Appointments to Share Christ
  13. Move from Knowing to Going—Motivation for Everyday Evangelism
  14. The Role of Prayer in Evangelism
  15. Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing—Modeling Evangelism for Students (Campus Ministers and Church Collegiate Ministry Leaders Only)
  16. Unequally Yoked? Evangelism in a Dating Relationship
  17. Too Busy to Share? How to Make Evangelism a Natural Part of Your Life
  18. Why Evangelism Isn’t About You—It’s All About God
  19. How to Serve This Summer—One Mission Students Opportunities