Dream Again: Vision Casting for Collegiate Ministry

Jay Sanders, Campus Minister, University of South Florida

A strong vision for a ministry can lead to continuity, direction, and excitement for a team and ministry. This session will teach how a vision is so crucial and give practical tools for creating one.

Hindered: What's Keeping Me from Going? My Parents

Mike and Judy Nuss, Montgomery

How to help your family understand and support your call to mission service and how you can respect your parents as you explore their questions and concerns.

Hindered: What's Keeping Me from Going? Sexual Sin and Addiction: Girls Only

Emily Hamilton, Gadsden

Have you ever asked, “How can I serve when I can’t get past this sin?” or “Does my sin exclude me from serving?” This conversation about sin and serving is a candid look at the theology of sin and the qualifications of serving.

Hindered: What's Keeping Me from Going? Sexual Sin and Addiction: Guys Only

Tanner Ethridge, Youth Minister, Thorington Road Baptist Church

Have you ever asked, “How can I serve when I can’t get past this sin?” or “Does my sin exclude me from serving?” This conversation about sin and serving is a candid look at the theology of sin and the qualifications of serving.

Seeing Your Campus as a Mission Field

Matt Daniels, Campus Minister, University of North Alabama

It’s time to shift our mindset from campus being a place we attend to a place we serve! 

Dealing with Anxiety/Depression and God's Call to Serve

Sarah McCrory, Samaritan's Counseling Center

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a depressed missionary? Join Sarah McCrory as she talks about her experiences on the mission field and also shares about depression and anxiety from the perspective of a missionary and a counselor.

Unique Challenges for Women in Missions

Sarah Farley-Beall, IMB Next Gen Mobilizer

Women have been history-makers since the dawn of time and have impacted the Kingdom in so many ways. Learn about the Lord can and will use women continue to work for God’s glory among the nations and how you can join them.

Becoming a Leader Worth Following

Steve Turner, NAMB Next Gen Mobilization Director

What does a leader look like? What are the non-negotiable traits that every leader must have? How do you develop as a leader in your faith and in your skills? God is looking for people to lead out in His Kingdom! Is that you? If so, let’s talk about what that means and how to get there.

Faith, Doubt, and the Wounds of a Disenchanted World

Travis Coblentz, Tactical Faith, Birmingham

We have a dubious relationship to doubt: It is a means of clarity, a route to certainty, but can be greatly troubling for faith. Doubting the claims of a gossip or even a scholar is reasonable and good. But how do we deal with doubt about Scripture, God, and the claims of Jesus? In this talk, we will look at faith, doubt, and reflect on why they seem at times necessary companions, and at others utterly opposed. We will also how to engage the crippling forms of doubt that plague both believers and unbelievers.

Being God's Ambassador to International Students on Your Campus

Teresa Royall, Campus Minister, Georgia State University

Your friendship and witness can make all the difference to an international student. Learn how!

Making it Possible to God: Fundraising

Nesha Smelley, Tuscaloosa

The Father has called us all to have a part in God’s Global mission. As you go on mission physically, confidently invite others to partner with you financially. Come learn a mindset and some practical tools to help you as you fundraise.

Why Should I Consider Seminary

Will Spivey, College Minister, First Baptist Church, Opelika

What role might seminary have as I pursue the calling Christ has on my life? Do I need seminary education? We will talk about the benefits that seminary can play in all aspects of our callings!

Unique Challenges for Guys in Missions

Thomas West, Pastor, Redeemer Queens Park, London

We know what we should do but we struggle to do it. Come to this breakout session for a kind, encouraging, and an inspiring challenge to men to become leaders in every phase of life and especially in missions.

Evangelism in Post Christian Context

Jacob Boss, IMB European Strategy Leader, London

The Gospel is still the power of God for salvation. How do we communicate the Gospel considering the modern cultural challenges? Come learn some practical ways to effectively communicate the Gospel in our quickly changing culture.

Trauma Informed Evangelism and Discipleship

Elizabeth, IMB, Europe

Have you ever shared the gospel with someone or began to disciple someone, but their heart wounds and past or present trauma were so great that you did not know where to begin? In this breakout, we will discover how to walk alongside others in their healing journey and to share the gospel or disciple through listening well, lamenting distress to the Father and sharing Bible stories that point to our Hope in Christ.

Discerning God's Call to Missions

Drew and Allison, Church at the Oaks, Tuscaloosa

What does it look like to hear and follow God’s call to take up the missionary task? Drew and Allison will share their story of calling and discuss biblical principles that should guide our thinking as we consider a call to missions. 

Church Planting: How You're Called to Help

Chuck Smith, Church Planter, Cincinnati

We often believe church planting includes the calling of a planting pastor, training for him and his family, and the blessing of his church. But what if people of all callings, giftings, and vocations realize that they’re able to plant churches too? Think of how church plants could truly reflect the Kingdom!

Prayer for the Nations

Gordon Fort, IMB

Prayer is the most underutilized weapon in the Great Commission arsenal. Let’s discover how prayer is not just Important, but it is essential in reaching the Nations.

Walking with the Lord: Learning to Live a Life on Mission

Jonathan and Stephanie, IMB, Southeast Asia

God created you to reflect His glory in every aspect of your life. Together we will dive into the Word to explore what it means to “Walk with the Lord” and learn how living a life on mission can radically transform your family, your friends, your work, and the most unreached places on earth.

A Medical Missional Mashup in Eastern Europe

Jack Gibbs, IMB, Europe

Come and learn how gospel infused medical aid is being used in Eastern Europe to transform communities, and experience how medical technology is helping those in underserved areas of Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova. Hear how you can be involved!

How College Students Can Catalyze Church Planting

Cameron Bell, Church Planter, Montgomery

As a college student, you will likely soon graduate and start a career somewhere. Why not think missionally about that decision and consider how God might be calling you to help plant a church in a gospel deprived area anywhere from your neighborhood to the nations?

Urban Ministry

Dewayne Rembert, Church Planter, Montgomery

Our vision at Flatline is to provide urban youth with mentorship through positive culture and holistic developmental initiatives, as well as advocate for our local community. Come learn how the Lord is at work through Flatline Church and Pastor Dewayne Rembert, and how you can be part of impacting the urban community in your neighborhood. 

Using Oral Methods for Discipleship and Leadership Development

Jake, IMB, Mexico

Jesus taught his hearers using stories that revealed deep truths about God, humanity, and obedience. How can we equip a new church plant in a cross-cultural context to understand the Scriptures and teach them to others? Learn how orality can be used to maximize your mission’s strategy. Learn and practice field-tested methods for discipleship and leadership development using oral methods. Explore ways to effectively communicate God’s Word to equip oral peoples to not only understand the Scriptures but also to teach them to others.

Serving in Support Roles

Alan, IMB, Peru

Has God gifted you in the areas of technology, media, finance, or logistics? Come join us as we explore opportunities to serve internationally with the IMB using these giftings.  

Breaking Gospel Barriers

Kevin Scott, Church Planter, Boston

Jesus radically exemplified a ministry that broke gender, political, cultural, racial, and social barriers. What does a barrier breaking gospel ministry look like today? What barriers are you being called to break?

Silence and Dependence: Mental Health on the Field

Terin, IMB, Central Asia

Anxiety, depression, ADD, loneliness, doubts…none of these things goes away on the field, and many times we see them become worse. How can we learn to depend on the Lord in dark seasons? Is going overseas even an option for you? In this session we will discuss these things and more.

Why Me? (Our Competence Comes from God - 2 Cor. 3:5)

Ann, Mexico, IMB

Come and explore how every experience God has given you can be used by Him to minister to those who need to hear the gospel, and to those in the church He has called you to influence. This session will include testimonies from several missionaries as well as a short workshop time to help you get started.

Reaching Displaced People Groups

David, Mexico, IMB

The changing global landscape means that we are surrounded by people who have been displaced from their homes and are struggling to adapt to new situations. This session briefly will explore reasons for displacement, then go more in depth about how displacement makes people uniquely open to hearing the gospel. We’ll pull from experience in a ministry to indigenous farm workers in Mexico.

Outside the Lines: Daring to Love Like Jesus

Stephanie Beaulieu, Canada

Have you ever felt secretly annoyed, angry, or even a little resentful towards those God has called you to love? Tired of smiling and mustering up the most Christ-like attitude you can manage? Dive into Jesus’ encounters with outsiders and learn how to move towards the people he came to save that you are called to love. If you’re ready to leave “should” and “supposed to” behind, this session is for you.

I Want to Share the Gospel, but Where Do I Start?

Wes and Ashley Costello, Metro New York Baptist Association

As a Christian, do you find yourself surrounded only by other believers, or maybe you’re surrounded by non-believers? Join us as we discuss practical ways to get non-believers into your life and how to enter Gospel conversations once you’re there!

For the City

Joseph Gibbons, Church Planter, Las Vegas

The world around us could quickly shout what the church is against, but do they know what we are for? Join us as we learn how to become an asset to our city and prove that we are FOR them not against them.

Does God Have a Calling for Me?

Sergio, National Partner, Mexico

Have you ever been told; God has a plan for you? Have you told someone? If so, would you like to know what that plan is? Let’s explore God’s call on our lives!

Encouraging and Engaging B.R.I.C.S. (Black Religious Identity Cults)

Troy Gause, New Orleans

What are B.R.I.C.S. (Black Religious Identity Cults)? What fuels them? Why should we take them seriously?